Top 5 Songs of 2009

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DAMES of PA’s Top 5 Songs of 2009

Each day during the week of March 8, 2010, we revealed another of our top 5 songs from 2009, counting down from #5 to #1. These rankings are our purely our opinion and (obviously) slanted in favor of those musical acts with whom we are familiar and have had the opportunity to carefully listen to and cover on our site.

These artists tend to fall geographically along the Susquehanna River through Central PA, but we hope to widen our scope in 2010. We also hope that these rankings spark interest and debate among our readers and we encourage each of you to leave comments.

Friday, March 12th

No. 1

Two States
The Badlees

From the album Love Is Rain
“Two States” is a perfect mix of personal experience and a universal theme that rings true with anyone who has lost a guiding force in their life. Deep does not aptly describe this – to write this song was down-right courageous. The instrumentation and arrangement are masterful exemplified by the incredible mix using authentic, acoustic guitar, mandolin, and banjo.

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  Thursday, March 11th

No. 2

Rhyne McCormick

From the album Live From the Capital Theatre
“Deeper” is a song which was inspired by seasonal affective disorder – or that down in the dumps feeling you get in the depths of winter from lack of sunshine. The song starts by describing the malaise but continues on to encourage the listener with, “You don’t have to go real far to find your inspiration…..dig a little deeper deep down in your soul…”

DAMES of PA Profile of Rhyne McCormick
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  Wednesday, March 10th

No. 3

Ledbetter Heights

From the album Beyond Familiar
This song embodies what great love songs/ballads are all about. It has got the warm, yet husky male vocals and lyrics that profess undying love and what one would do to win that love. “Remedy” is the old fashioned cure for unrequited love.

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  Tuesday, March 9th

No. 4

I Love You
Mycenea Worley

From the EP Love
A beautiful and elegant song with the simplest of titles, “I Love You” displays not just her fantastic voice, but also Mycenea Worley’s fine talent at the craft of songwriting.

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NOTE: Mycenea donated the song “Low” from the EP Love to the Dollars for Diane Compilation CD.

  Monday, March 8th

No. 5

The Badlees

From the album Love Is Rain
“Anodyne” is a shining example of the combo of pop and rock that has made the Badlees so successful in the first place. Palladino’s powerful yet controlled vocal shines brightest on this tune co-written by Bret Alexander and longtime collaborator, Mike Naydock. It is a perfect concoction – enough 90’s style pop for “that” crowd and enough thought provoking lyrics for “this” crowd – and ranks with some of the elites of their past.

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