Top 5 Songs of 2011

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DAMES of PA’s Top 5 Songs of 2011

Each day during the week of March 12, 2012, we will reveal another of our top 5 songs from 2011, counting down from #5 to #1. These rankings are our purely our opinion and (obviously) slanted in favor of those musical acts with whom we are familiar and have had the opportunity to carefully listen to and cover on our site.

In 2011, there were a lot of very good albums released by Pennsylvania artists. Unfortunately, we had to exclude some from this list, as we are unable to focus on all of them (something we hope to replicate with the new Key Rock Review.

   Friday, March 16th
No. 1 A Good Problem to Have by Farley
Waiting On Me

From the EP A Good Problem To Have
“Waiting On Me” is a standout on Farley’s debut EP A Good Problem To Have. While each song on this EP exemplifies Tim Farley’s vocal dexterity and range as well as his songwriting ability, this song captures an early Beatles vibe with tinges of Johnny Cash influences in its catchy melody. This potent combination makes it DAMES of PA’s #1 song for 2011.
Farley Website
   Thursday, March 15th
No. 2 East Hope Avenue by MiZ
Dopesick Blues

From the album East Hope Avenue
Although the lyrics to “Dopesick Blues” appear describe a battle with addiction, the sentiment can translate to anything a person does for a temporary fix that ends up causing long term misery. Mike Mizwinski‘s earnest vocals against an ensemble of guitars, pedal steel, and organ make this song a standout on East Hope Avenue.
Thanksgiving Eve Storytellers Show
MiZ Website
   Wednesday, March 14th
No. 3 Watching the Highway by Emily Yanek
Please, Please (C’Mon, C’Mon)
Emily Yanek

From the album Watching the Highway
“Please Please (C’Mon C’Mon)”, from her 2011 debut album Watching the Highway, showcases Emily Yanek‘s clean, fresh vocals and songwriting talent perfectly. The lyrics are optimistic and hopeful driven along by solid piano and guitar riffs that give the song just the right amount of edge.
Emily Yanek Website
   Tuesday, March 13th
No. 4 Tanker A by HotWingJones
Dream Day

From the album Tanker A
The best song on an album full of interesting and original tracks by HotWingJones, “Dream Day” starts with a groove reminiscent of early Chicago in the intro and then migrates through interesting changes. The instrumentation is bright and pleasant throughout with a driving strummed guitar, a nice mix of mellotron and organ, and especially good bass and drum interludes.
Varieties of Hot Wings
HotWingJones on ReverbNation
   Monday, March 12th
No. 5 The Invisible Man by Chris Nelson
In Praise of Failure
Chris Nelson

From the album The Invisible Man
“In Praise of Failure” has a calm, moody 1980s-style backdrop upon which Chris Nelson shouts desperate vocals in great contrast, building towards the signature line “…the greatest way to leave your mark is to jump off of a building …” The song also contains some good guitar work with a slow, methodical, bluesy lead.

DAMES Review of The Invisible Man
Chris Nelson Website

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